Blessed life vs. Easy life

I heard an interesting blurb on the radio yesterday.  I may have misunderstood what the commentator was trying to say, but what I took away from his short message was that the benefit of leading a life following God is that your life will be easier and you will be blessed.  I fear that message could set some peoples’ expectations incorrectly, especially those just starting out on a faith journey.  It sounds like a guarantee that following God means nothing bad will happen to you.  But bad things do happen to good people, and sometimes being a good person makes you a target because it sets you apart from “normal.”

Truly following the calling of our Creator is not easy.  It means giving up some of the things that we enjoy, sometimes doing things we don’t enjoy, and if we’re really lucky, a total overhaul of our lives.  That’s not easy.  Where is the blessing in all of this?  It’s joy.  There is a great joy in the simplicity of following God’s will.  When it’s not all about you, and the tough decisions in life aren’t ones you have to make alone, it takes a lot of the worry away, it can even take away some of the sting of injustice.

And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.   – Micah 6:8

That seems easy enough.  But it’s very selflessly counter-culture, and that makes it less than easy; it also makes it filled with blessings of the heart-filling kind.

May your life be easy, and blessed.  But if you have to pick between the two … take the blessing.


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