Advent – Part 1


(“Moonlight” by ShironekoEuro on Flickr.)

I took the better part of two weeks off from my usual routine of bicycling to work.  My schedule was more chaotic than usual and the weather just was not entirely conducive to a positive cycling experience.  Last week I made an effort to get back into my usual routine.  All felt right with the world again, being back in my routine and getting some exercise in the process.

My first ride home I realized just how early the sun sets after the change from daylight savings time and this time of year.  The darkness of my surroundings accentuated the lights of cars, signs on buildings, and traffic lights.  The moon was full or close to it, creating a very unique lighting of my surroundings.  The trees overhead had lost most or all of their leaves and cast spooky shadows from the moonlight.  There was a chill in the air with a new combination of scents that seemed to say that winter is close at hand.

It was the lights that really grabbed my eyes. My mind was consistently drawn to the colors green and red, and for the first time this season I started thinking about Advent and Christmas.  The holy season snuck up on me almost unnoticed.  This sudden epiphany warmed my heart.  This particular night I worked late and the streets were very quiet allowing my thoughts to center on the meaning of this season.  A sense of peace washed over my heart as I pedaled my way home.

I find myself clinging to this peace, desperately hoping that I do not allow Christ to get lost in my heart this Christmas.


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