Discernment, Interviews, and Ordination

It seems fitting that the day before we head into the season of Lent that I should be reflecting on my calling to ministry. On Thursday, February 23, 2012 I make my first appearance before the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, DCOM for short. I like the acronym… it makes me think of the old DEFCON levels from the movie War Games. The DEFCON level equated to higher levels of military alert and preparedness for action or military strike. In a way, DCOM is not so dissimilar. The primary stated purpose is to make sure that candidates for ministry are fit, ready, and effective for ministry in the United Methodist Church.

Personally, I find this process another opportunity to discern my calling to ministry, to raise the DEFCON level a notch, and critically look at what God is speaking to me. In that manner, it is not a worrisome process, it is an affirming process reminding me that that I am unequivocally moving in the right direction, even if it feels like my progress is slow.

At this point in my journey, I am still full-time employed in my secular career, and do not have any immediate plans to leave it. I enjoy my career, but I recognize that it is a bit of a stumbling block, because I would rather spend my time actively engaged in God’s work more directly than I can in the corporate world. (As a footnote: I do not mean to undermine the importance of being a witness of Christ’s love in any workplace, only that it is not the calling that is tugging on my heart.)

I do not know God’s time-line for my career transition, but past experiences continue to teach me that patience will always yield the answer I need, just maybe not when I would prefer to know it. Note I said the answer I need, not the answer I want – one must be flexible when dealing with orders sent from above.

Please pray for me that this may be a time of discernment, affirmation of my calling, and perhaps lead to greater clarity.


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