Jason Gray: Seeing In the Dark

I heard Jason Gray on Under the Radar a few months ago and decided to check out his album A Way to See In the Dark.  A few of the tracks that really caught my attentions:

  • Remind Me Who I Am:  The song serves as a reminder that we all sometimes feel far from God, and lose our identity of who we are in God’s eyes.  For me this brings about thoughts of how much I am loved — even when I do not feel it.  These words are particularly haunting at times: “If I am your beloved, can you help me believe it?”  
  • Without Running Away:  The opening simple shaker and acoustic guitar sounds light and free, but the words are dark about the hopelessness that sometimes infects our heart.  The music almost seems interrupted by the refrain “to run the risk of fearlessly loving, without running away.”  At times our lives are likewise interrupted by the fears and pain that Gray describes in the song, and sometimes we are hindered from loving as Christ taught us because there are disciples with swords drawn, cutting off ears.  This song easily turns itself into a prayer for inner peace, to see through the distractions of the world, of our own hearts, and welcoming the love of God into our hearts.
  • Fear is Easy, Love is Hard:  I think the title just about says it all.  It’s not about relational love, but loving all, especially those who we are estranged from, or who are different from us.  The natural, pre-wired response is fear.  The response we are called to give by Christ, however, is love.
  • The Other Side: A fast moving song about how the challenges of today always seem bigger in the present than they do once we are looking at them in hindsight.  It’s a reminder that we have had challenges in the past, we will have them in the future, and that through them all, the love of God will be with us.  I love the change in tempo and accented beat that takes place between verse and chorus.

A Way to See In the Dark is currently a steal on Amazon at $5 for the MP3 album and $7.92 for the CD version.

I also noticed that Jason Gray is going to be touring with Andrew Peterson in the coming months.  If you have a chance to catch this duo on stage together, I highly recommend it.  Your heart will be lifted.


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