Suggestions for a Palm Sunday / Holy Snow Day

It feels strange to kick off Holy Week with a snow-day, but many Kansas City area churches were forced to cancel worship services due to the unusually timed snow storm that hit the area last night, and continues to drop more, very wet snow onto the roads.  Even though our church is still holding services, it is a fairly long drive, and in my estimation is not worth the risk.  Besides, waving palm branches when you need a heavy coat and gloves seems … odd.

So, what to do on this Holy Snow Day?  I’ve got some suggestions, in case you are surfing the web, sipping your coffee, and pondering the same question this morning.

Worship Online

I’ll grant you that it doesn’t quite feel the same as being there, but it can be a good substitution on a day like today.  I will be worshiping online today at Church of the Resurrection, which will hold online services at 10:45 AM or 5:00 PM CT.

Read a Sermon

Reading a sermon can be a good exercise too.  You have the option to look at the Scriptural sources and go a little deeper.  Old Mission United Methodist Church cancelled services today, but their senior pastor, Dr. Michael Gardner posted the text of his sermon online.  Perhaps you would like to give it a read by clicking here.

Read a Devotion

Andrew Peterson wrote some wonderful devotions for Holy Week.  There are daily readings starting with Palm Sunday going through Easter.  Today would be a good day to start reading it.  (Click here.)  If you are looking for some good music to accompany Holy Week, Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters Volume 2 is a good companion.

Read the Scriptures

Finally, you might want to supplement any of the above by reading one or more accounts of Palm Sunday in the Gospels:

Enjoy your snowy Palm Sunday, and remember: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.


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