Are You a Writer?

At a Christian writer’s conference that my wife, Dawn, attended this week, I needed to deliver something to her while she was in a group session.  Someone asked me a question that I have not been asked before, are you a writer, too?

I didn’t really know how to answer it, for some reason.  Well, am I?  While I was pondering this, Dawn answered for me: Yes he is. He goes to seminary.

Well … I guess by definition if you are a seminarian, you are a writer. I do spend a lot of time thinking and writing theologically, but my blog has suffered as a result. I learn a lot while writing for classes, but the best spiritual growth comes when I am writing for myself, either here or journaling.

As one of my professors says, sometimes you just have to sit down and start writing. I will try to do that more, and try not to over-think what I write here, and above all, try not to take myself too seriously!

Help hold me to that. If I’m too quiet, rattle my cage.


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