Taking God For Granted

I’ve written about feeling disconnected from God before. I’ve tried to avoid it before, too. I feel it again. Here is the root of it, I think: every day is spent in service to God. That is not a bad thing, in fact, it is what I claim that I want every day to be.

So – why do I feel disconnected from God so much of the time?

I examined my weekly routine and arrived at what I believe may be the answer: I do spend at least a portion of each day in service to God, but if I am honest and reflect on the average day, I do not spend that time focused on God.  

During the week I spend time learning about God and the church for my seminary classes; but I do not learn with God.

I serve my church in part by working as the audio/video technician; but I am usually concentrating on the logistics involved and not fully in an attitude of worship.

I lead group classes on various topics; but my focus is more on making sure the class gets what the individuals need, not on what I could learn in the process.  

Through all of this, I usually find that I do not have (or, more accurately, do not make) the time to spend in personal devotion or focused worship.

I think in this context, I take for granted that by doing godly activities, I will experience God’s presence. That cannot happen unless I am doing those godly activities with my eyes focused on God’s presence in and through what I do.


1 Response to “Taking God For Granted”

  1. 1 Anonymous September 15, 2015 at 7:04 PM

    To many times I feel I got caught up doing godly activities too. I can almost hear God laughing softly, then I feel His hand on my shoulder waiting for me to turn around.. again… waiting patiently for me to stop & refocus… Thank you for the gently reminder.

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